We Build Purpose

EmptyBlocks is a Venture Studio that specializes in building IoT technology that helps people live easier, safer, and more connected lives. Our products are built with the needs of everyday people in mind.


are our motivation

EmptyBlocks was founded by Zo Diggsz in 2017 with the mission to develop purposeful tech. We pride ourselves on our mission to improve the human experience through responsible software, communication, and representation. We intend to achieve this goal while creating elegant human-usable hardware and software combinations that just make sense.


we’ve been around the block 🙂

Over the past 5 years, we have been blessed to work with 50+ clients that include companies such as Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport, Rinnai America, The Gathering Spot, as well as local Atlanta startups such as LookLive and Empowrd Apps. Through these experiences, we’ve learned that as developers and engineers, we tend to build tech at times that don’t translate well to the general public. Or, at times, we build tech that we believe people need, but really, people just don’t want. So our solutions are very human-centric and intentional to the purpose of what problem we are solving.


through failure we find our purpose

We’ve made enough mistakes to know where to start when building tech. We start with people… we talk, investigate, and strategize before we roll out a project. Our process is inclusive of empathy and equity, leaving room for change. We listen and learn with the same passion we build software with. One thing we’ve learned through experience is we must continue learning and be willing to go the extra mile.

As technologists, we’ve been through a lot. So, our motivation is our experience and our experience is rooted in cultural inequalities, institutional bias, and undervalued skill. We use this experience to unify and create enriching tools to help build people, communities, and overall quality of life.

Our mission is simple, to improve the quality of life… responsibly.

We Build Purpose